To Unfreeze Time.

Conventional philosophy is in its process at the point where it will begin to reintroduce the ‘old’ as new, it will beginnits conventional forgetting. It is at this juncture that we will find a discrepancy in philosophical communication, one that will allow for a mark to be reconciled with another moment.  Along this line, i […]

Repetition and Repetition. 

Below is a post by Levi Bryant. Part of my one-sided interaction with him is a sort of incredulousness towards the situation wherein Mr. Bryant has found his kind of Speculative Realism; whatever title he may want to put to it, it appears that all of these SR authors (or whatever Realist projects have replaced […]

Death Sentence Opinion . 

As every one knows, we got an issue with the carrying out the death sentence. The Arkansas Death Sentence Problem.  Why are we always trying to find a more humane way to end a convicted criminal’s humanity?   I say, if the state has legally determined that a person shall be put to death, then take […]

Some thoughts around that…

HERE is a repost of a recent post by ALT Exploit, that I commented on. and here are.. Some thoughts around that: Chaos itself is a thought construct, of the same character by which we might say that we are able to intuit truths of the universe. But we should be careful as to what […]

Oops (title: Here).

REPOST of THRE-POUND-BRAIN’s no results for ‘Cognitive Psychology of Philosophy’ and reply and reply, of Baker question, then my answer… (please check out his full essay and the comments if you are intreated in the whole thing) sbakker April 13, 2017 at 9:30 am “I don’t think I get it. So the racial theories of […]