Weak Democracy??

It is a testament to a weakness of American Democracy that Trump is still president and probably will remain so for his term. It shows that it is possible that the permutations and plain ability for the process of argumentative justice has reached it limit, and that justice thereby gains a kind of unapproachable mark, […]

Open Query: Intoxicants. 

We all know the problems that intoxicants can bring. What are the benefits ? Are there any? Does any good come out of getting high? On whatever?  Please give us your ideas and opinions.  #benefitsofintoxication  I think Until we investigate our assumptions about a thing, we will never really know it, or be able to […]

The Moment of Decisive Significance.

Do we really understand human nature? Can we generalize humanity into a common nature? What is modern philosophy? What is religion? Is it all ‘relative’? “…Through a truly unique telling of the Gospels… Lance Kair confronts philosophical assumptions that have accompanied philosophical and religious approaches alike through the ages.” -Cedric Nathaniel. – “No longer are […]

TheBose-Einstien Condensate.

I watched a movie the other day that was based on this theory so I had to look it up.  The wiki entry was not very clear to me and so I asked a fellow blogger if he could explain it in layman’s terms. He was gracious enough to do so and so I’m posting […]

Drugs, Junk Food and Porn: The American Way.  

Thanks Henry. LINK To the LA Weekly editorial.   (The title doesn’t really reflect the article, but it’s a good article.)  interesting, I might add… I am tempted to say that any philosophy which does not address at least one social stigma/problem, like drugs, bad health and porn, really probably isn’t worth considering. Now, I say this […]

Un-philosophical Transitions.

I was just thinking about how I have yet to find in philosophy any ‘why’ of how philosophical turns occur or came about. It appears that everyone just seems to all of a sudden be talking in a particular manner, about certain things. And I thought: How un-philosophical of theses philosophers, to only be considering […]