Beyond Real Transcendence. 

REPOST: Kōjin Karatani versus Moishe Postone. Architectonics of Capitalism. Kōjin Karatani’s theory of different modes of intercourse criticizes architectonic metaphor thinking that the logic of mods of production in terms of base and superstructure without ceding grounds on the centrality of the critique of political economy. the obvious question is what remains of theory when […]

Third Space. 

REPOST: Third Space Theory of Postcoloniality. Note Quote. Writers, such as Homi Bhabha and Salman Rushdie, who proceed from a consideration of the nature of postcolonial societies and the types of hybridization these various cultures have produced, proposed a radical rethinking—an appropriation of the European thinking by a different discourse. Whereas in European thinking, history […]


We have no need to invent New terms. All the terms that are needed to talk about the truth of any matter already there. They are material by which things exist. We have no need to say “materialism” and ask 1 million questions or to find 1 million ways how philosophically we might define with […]