The Form of Presentation.

The form of Constructive Undoing is query. Every statement I make is a question, asking for correction. Not so much or as often a “Do you agree?” But more a “What is incorrect?”, as well as “What have I missed?”, “Can you help me?”, and even (though it seems so unstylish these days) “Can I help you?”

For I aspire deeply to the question inherent in Plato’s ‘Protagoras’:

“When two go together, one sees before the other.”

The portion of this continuing blog called ‘Direct Tangents’ are a dialectical exercise, of coming to terms mostly with Francios Laruelle’s non-philosophy, but also by extension, the matter at hand.

One thought on “The Form of Presentation.

  1. Clarity comes through the means of objectivity with ones self – and the ability to appreciate and process those who question us from without. For truth is not based on my view but upon what it is in itself… they who seek the truth truthfully will find it. for truth is not a intellectual concept it is a life and in order for us to live we must know the truth….

    Appreciate your post as many seek enlightenment but few dare to walk in the means of the cost of self required to find it…

    Also thank you for joining in on my blog… feel free to comment


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