Thinking Inside the Box. 

If there’s anything that I agree with in this repost it is his last sentence. It is the short of what I call “modern scholasticism”.  REPOST:  The 21st Century Whitehead Will Be Deleuzian Originally posted on Becoming Integral: I often find myself thinking with Alfred North Whitehead. I recall that today is his birthday, Feburary […]

More on the analytical continental divide…

Here’s a little quote that I picked up from wiki that I think really is at the center of the problem of contemporary philosophy: “The principle that the logical clarification of thoughts can be achieved only by analysis of the logical form of philosophical propositions.[9] The logical form of a proposition is a way of […]

Another Stab at Distiguishing Analytical and Continental Approaches to Philosophy: I Disagree.

In the endeavor of philosophy many have made a distinction. In general,and aside from the more colloquial “philosophy of…[place category here]” (like “my philosophy of writing blogs is…”), people have noticed that there are two types of philosophy going on. These have been termed on one hand “analytical”, which tends to be associated with ‘New […]


Dammit!  I just published a cool post that had some quotes from a 1992 book called “shameless bad taste ” that had a chapter on philosophical failure, but strangely enough it appears the posting failed. 

Humanism and Divergence.

“People see and listen to what they already know and call it new.” …”Did you know,” he asked wistfully, “that I was one of the Old Ones myself? My father was a demon, they say, but my mother was a Gael. The only human blood I have comes from the Old Ones. Yet here I […]