Modern Intelligence.

Morrn Intellegence:             That aspect of being in the world which relies upon a human being as myopic amd self centered as they possibly can be. 

Another Serious Hoax.

Another very serious irony. Another Sokalesque Hoax. That link is actually to Graham Harman’s blog, which has a link to “why evolution is true” blog, which has a link to the oregional paper if not an archived version of it. But I wanted to comment on Dr. Harmon’s comment. .  I think it does indiigt […]


A most basic and fundamental philosophical question concerns access: Do we, as the expression of an exclusive group of a general consciousness, have access to anything that is not consciousness?  The usual ways this question is answered most often rely upon a resounding “yes”. Then from this Omni present and fully evident axiom we run […]

Age Prejudice.

I love this. And inwould say that Our infatuation with youth is reflected in the condition of our society.  HERES THE LINK.

Again with this Love?

…Here Kate spells out the truth of Densher’s betrayal: he feels guilty, and refuses to profit from Milly’s death, not because he doesn’t love her and is for this reason unworthy of her gift, but because he does love her—not while she was alive, but from the moment she died. — from “The Parallax View” […]