Zizek and the Event of the Past: Part 2.

AMOREINOBLOG commented in part one and asked me a question, the answer to which, I think helps clarify what Im saying in the original post. So I am posting it here. Please comment.   AMORINOBLOG: “I find this post really interesting. But I need clarification, because I’d like to defend Zizek vis-a-vis the quotes you […]

Zizek and the Event of the Past.

In his book “Event”, the chapter section ‘Connection 5.2’, Slavoj Zizek, in his usual manner of changing the stakes of the game in the middle of the game, discusses what he notes Delueze calls the “pure past”. I think Zizek kind of fails at this attempt (at least we can safely excuse Delueze’s ‘Zennnnnnnnnnnn Ohhmmmmm’ […]

Danna Haraway and Human Animals.

Wow. I remember watching about 5 minutes of  THIS VIDEO when I was an under graduate at UCSC and I didn’t know what the hell she was talking about. Lol Now though, it makes perfect sense. But also it’s own critiques of itself as being ‘of a particular discursive condition of time and place’. For, if […]

Human Insanity 

Aside from what ‘popular’ form of reason, I rejext the ideal of absolute cultural relativism in certain cases. Those men who believe this is right should be eliminated. Insane Anachronistic Cultural-Religious practice. We, as an ethical people, need stop deferring our human values to insane values.  We are not all insane. But certain groups are […]