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Metrics and the production of uncertainty

If there is ‘nothing’ that supports us, what happens?  People take advantage.

It would seem that the aim of a neoliberal approach is to produce uncertainty which then stimulates competitive entrepreneurial activity. The more uncertain people are, the more they are likely to be pushed and prodded into value production. The presence of competition is aimed at making us feel uncertain about what will happen, how […]

Is “privilege” like Original Sin?

Imteresting.  The ‘Priviledged Subject’ is a motif that indeed has been a logical fault for some time. It goes: How can yoy know this. And,  everyone has equal access. Its been like something you cannot assert; every argument must be accessable to everyone in potential (Of education, effort, etc…)

But im more inclined for 2 route if meaning that cannot be traversed. ( more on that later)


I direct your attention to a short piece on Allthink by James Lindsay and Peter Boghossian: “Privilege: The Left’s Original Sin“.  Their thesis is cute, and makes some sense: the Authoritarian Left’s notion of “privilege”, which establishes a hierarchy of victimhood, is analogous to religion’s Original Sin. You can read it in 5 minutes, but […]

The Atlantic: Free will is an illusion, but we need to keep that illusion

An example of a real overdetermination of terms. There are no illusions. The argument and fashion say nothing but what is fashionable. But that is Not all there is, only what a particular teleological view shows. 

But here it is; if you are already chooing a side — uh… Um. .

Well im sure the Atlantic is filled with super intelligent philosophers …

Here. Determine for yourself if your opinion is determined…

Wait, i mean.. Um

Shit.  (Fkg intellectual idenity capitalists.)


Yes, I know I’m writing about two Atlantic pieces in one day, but so be it: such are the laws of physics. The second piece, much better than the article on FGM, is an essay by Stephen Cave, “There’s no such thing as free will but we’re better off believing it anyway.” I’ll try to be […]
If you still are determined in your choice of opinion perhaps my (shameless gratuitous self promotion –  i cant help it ) book , coming soon) will help you see through the haze.

What Lies Beneath?

There is the geographical notion of ‘deep time’ that is often known in reference to its Christian dispensational model of about 6500 years when the earth was made.

The idea of deep time offered that the Earth was much older and has been developing slowly by regular patterns.

Perhaps there is a certain correspondence between ‘Darkness’ and ‘deep(er) time’? 


Source: Articles: What Lies Beneath?