CSP 2008 bootleg 

A friend just gave me a virtual audience bootleg from the 2008 party at the falls, where we originally covered 3am by Matchbox 20! Who da thunk? I put my remastered soundboard version out recently, and a friend of a friend had an audience recording.  Crazy!  Reality is overrated.  

Zizek and the Event of the Past: Part 2.

AMOREINOBLOG commented in part one and asked me a question, the answer to which, I think helps clarify what Im saying in the original post. So I am posting it here. Please comment.   AMORINOBLOG: “I find this post really interesting. But I need clarification, because I’d like to defend Zizek vis-a-vis the quotes you […]

Zizek and the Event of the Past.

In his book “Event”, the chapter section ‘Connection 5.2’, Slavoj Zizek, in his usual manner of changing the stakes of the game in the middle of the game, discusses what he notes Delueze calls the “pure past”. I think Zizek kind of fails at this attempt (at least we can safely excuse Delueze’s ‘Zennnnnnnnnnnn Ohhmmmmm’ […]