The Machine and Being: The Commons.

“We must situate what has been left out if we are ever to get anywhere beyond repeating the same old philosophical tropes.” *note on the note: ‘They’ are those who are ‘in the commons’. {WIKI: Commons: – The definition from the Digital Library of the Commons is; “the commons is a general term for shared resources in which […]


Postmodernism, as the term Lyotard uses to frame a ‘crisis of narratives’, is the theoretical apology for what is modern. Quite literally, the posisition as well as activity of postmodern thought is “I’m sorry”.  It is the ‘unbelief’ of the current situation: I’m sorry that it is indeed this way, but, while I can’t believe […]

And Coincidentally: Harman and Excess. 

Indeed, coincidental to the post just prior to this, I suggested that a philosophy is not complete until we’ve considered what was left out, or, when we have a philosophy of what it is excluding.  And Harman’s lecture inItaly is posted and I watch it and he begins with his initial statements of why there is […]